Marrow (zucchini) fritters with bran

Region: New Nordic Diet in Europe (Belarus)
Main components: marrow, bran, carrot
Estimated cooking time: 30 minutes


  1. Marrow – 250g
  2. Carrot – 70g (1 not big carrot)
  3. Onion – 60g (one small onion)
  4. Egg – 1
  5. Bran – 2 table spoons
  6. Potato starch – 1 tea spoon
  7. Salt – 2 pinches
  8. Greens – 10-15g
  9. Canola oil –  10g

How to cook:

  1. Our ingredientsMarrow fritters with bran - ingredients
  2. Peel the marrow and grate it, add salt and mix.
  3. Let the marrow stay for 10 minutes, after – remove all isolated water. Marrow fritters with bran - grated marrow
  4. Cut the onion and green into small pieces, grate the carrot and mix with marrow.Marrow fritters with bran - grated ingredients
  5. Add one egg and starch + bran.
  6. Mix all ingredients together and let the mix stay for 10 minutes.Marrow fritters with bran - all ingredients
  7. Fry fritters on canola oil about 3-4 minutes from each side.
  8. Carrot in fritters will be crispy a bit. If you like soft carrot, let fritters stay for half an hour and put them into the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Marrow fritters with bran - on panMarrow fritters with bran - ready

Healthy cooking!

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