Lazy oatmeal

Region: New Nordic Diet in Europe (Belarus)
Main components:  home-made granola, yogurt, milk, jam, berries.
Estimated cooking time: 5 minutes
Portions: 1

This is my favorite 5-minute breakfast from granola.


  1. Home-made granola – 40 g (recipe is here – Home-made granola)
  2. Milk – 60 ml
  3. Yogurt – 100 g
  4. Optional: jam, fresh fruit or berries.

How to cook:

  1. Ingredients: granola, milk, yogurt, jam and raspberries. Lazy oatmeal - ingredients
  2. Mix granola with milk and yogurt.
  3. Eat with fruit, berries, jam or honey. Sometimes I add 1-2 table spoons of corn flakes to make oatmeal crispy.

Enjoy! 🙂
Lazy oatmeal - ready

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