Cuisine in Yeysk (Krasnodar krai)

Region: New Nordic Diet in Russia (Krasnodar krai)

In the  beginning of August I had small vacation in town Yeysk. This town is located in Krasnodar krai (Russia) near the Sea of Azov.

Сuisine of Yeysk represents the mix of Russian, Ukrainian, Caucasian and ‘world’ food (like pasta, sushi, pizza). You can also meet Georgian cuisine, but I did not try it, so not sure if it is really good.

Our breakfast was very ‘Russian traditional’: sweet porridge (oats/rice/semolina) cooked with milk + tea or coffee.

For lunch we usually were eating soup or salad: portions in restaurants/cafes are quite big, one dish was more than enough to become full.

For dinner we were eating watermelon or some desserts with coffee or cold drinks. If you go to Krasnodar krai in summer, enjoy local watermelons and melons – they are so yummy!

From traditional dishes I would recommend to try Borsch (red-beet soup), vareniki with potatoes and onion/cottage cheese. In small shops near beaches buy boiled corn – old traditional beach food 🙂 In town shops you can also find lemonade and cakes with ‘taste as in Soviet Union’ (just ask shop worker to help you).

If you go to visit local farmers, try local cheese and honey. And don’t forget to enjoy all available fruit and vegetables: they are fresh and high quality (only remember to validate from what country they are – some of them are not local and imported from other countries).

If you one day decide to visit Yeysk and have any questions – you are welcome to ask, I will help with pleasure 🙂

Below you can see some pictures of dishes we tried. I especially liked Salad with beef, glazed carrots and vegetables and Borsch (red-beet soup) in bread.

Yeysk food Salad with beef, glazed carrot and vegetables
Salad with beef, glazed carrots and vegetables
Yeysk Food Caesar salad
Caesar salad
Yeysk food avocado salad with tomatoes and shrimps
Avocado salad with tomatoes and shrimps
Yeysk food Thai salad with beef
Thai salad with beef
Yeysk food Croissant with salmon and vegetables
Croissant with salmon and vegetables
Yeysk food Cheese soup
Cheese soup
Yeysk food borsch (red-beet soup) in bread
Borsch (red-beet soup) in bread
Yeysk food Spaghetti carbonara
Spaghetti carbonara
Yeysk food Waatermelon
Yeysk food Macaroons

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