Summer pizza toppings

Region: New Nordic diet in Belarus

I do like experimenting with pizza toppings. And one summer evening I started thinking: what toppings can have summer pizza? We got used to eat ‘standard pizzas’ during all the year… but can we add a bit of seasonality to create special New Nordic Diet pizza? The results of my experiment you can find below 🙂

Have more ideas of summer pizza toppings? Let’s discuss in comments!

Equipment: Pizza oven G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia

Pizza with zucchini zoodles and salami

Crispy pickled zucchini zoodles on white pizza sauce with feta cheese and salami. 

Four-cheese pizza with raisins and arugula

Mix of cheeses with raisins and arugula on cheese sauce.

Pizza with chanterelle and parsley

Fried chanterelle on white sauce with fresh parsley

Pizza with fresh tomatoes, arugula and mozzarella

Mozarella baked on tomato sauce covered with a lot of spicy fresh tomatoes and arugula.

Pizza with apricots, nuts, raisins and blueberry sauce

Hot apricots with goat cheese, nuts, whiskey raisins on blueberry cream sauce

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