Welcome, Dear Friends! 😊

This blog is created to describe a small ‘experiment’– using the concepts of New Nordic Diet in my daily life.

I live in Belarus – small European country with rich nature (forests, fields, rivers and lakes) but without access to any sea, so sea food will almost be excluded from the Diet.

Why did I decide to try a New Nordic Diet? Why is it so different from usual diets? For me the main inspiration points are:

  • It is built for health and based on scientific research;
  • It is built on the consumption of local seasonal and wild countryside products – these are the products that build identity of every country and these are the products we so often forget about;
  • It is built to restore the link between cooking and nature – we should always think how the food we eat influences on the Earth and global ecological situation.

Sounds great? I think, yes 😊

You can ask, what are the mail goals of this ‘experiment’? Here they are:

  • Learn more about the nature and seasonality of local products – we got used to have everything in supermarket 12 months a year, but what quality do we have as the result? The easiest sample for Belarus is vegetables and fruit without taste in winter.
  • Decrease the amount of meat consumption – why should we eat meat every day? Protein can be received from multiple sources and plant food is one of them. Meat production influences awfully on the global ecological situation and eating a lot of meat can be dangerous for human health too (according to multiple scientific researches).
  • Try new tastes – I am crazy about new tastes and mix of tastes. Have you even thought about adding some dandelion or nettle to a salad, baking bread from birch leaves? Me – not. And I do want to try.

How long will this ‘experiment’ continue? No idea. Probably I will lose motivation after several months, probably it will become a part of all my life. 😊

Thank you for joining me in this journey!

Sincerely Yours, Arsenia